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Fixed pressure insulation 300 ºC - 1100 ºC

Composite resins are limited within a temperature set range. Alternative fiber-reinforced materials can be used to create a wider range. Calcium-silicates, mica-derivatives, board materials and cement-based products offer the ability to create heat-resistant machine parts up to 1000 °C.

The mechanical strength often decreases as the temperature range increases. Also, the reaction to contact surfaces like glass, aluminium and steel are decisive in the choice of material. The developments in these materials are therefore ongoing. Innovative fibers and binders are the basis of new materials.

In order to make a definitive choice, the thermal process must be obvious. Novium Composites is able to supply process-oriented advice on the proper use of materials, based on thermal calculations and value measurements. Brandenburg is capable of producing virtually every component in the drawing. Due to its extensive machining ability.

Application area

• Glass industry.

• Aluminium Industry.

• Steel Industry.

Steel industryGlass